Seven Ways I Worship—and Music I Love

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I have no musical ability, but I love to worship God with music. So I am so grateful for You Tube and all the songs that take me into his presence, and to Pinterest for a place to save them. I will usually begin my quiet time with two or three worship songs, and if I am alone, I sing along joyfully.

What kind of music I need/want will vary day to day. I’ve tried to identify a few of those ways I worship and a few of the hymns and songs that lead me where my heart needs to go. Here are seven of those ways I love to worship and two samples of each.

With awe and wonder 

Some days I am in awe of our God and His magnificence. I never get over that such a God loves me, extends mercy and grace to me and desires to be with me. These songs help me express that wonder:

Leave Me Astounded–Planetshakers

Indescribable—Chris Tomlin

In sweet surrender

There are days, or seasons, when life is challenging and my heart needs to surrender to my loving Father. These two songs help bring me to my knees and to acceptance.

I Surrender–Hillsong

It Is Well—Audrey Assad

In truth 

Many times I just want to declare the truth about my Savior. Both of these songs do it well.

In Christ Alone—Passion-Kristian Stanfill

Man of Sorrows–Hillsong

With praise and worship

Gratefully my heart is often filled with worship and praise to God. I never get over all He has done for me. 

10,000 Reasons—Matt Reddman

Revelation Song—Kari Jobe

In stillness and quiet

Life is hectic and many days I just want to get away to be with my Lord. These songs take me to those places even when I can’t get away.

How Deep the Father’s Love—Fernando Ortega

Beautiful Things–Gungor

With vision 

One of the main messages of my life is to encourage all God’s children (including myself) to be and do all God has made them for. These two songs do that in very different ways.

Be Thou My Vision— Audrey Assad

Burn Like a Star—Rend Collective

With passion 

I am passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known. These songs draw me to worship and commitment.

At the Cross—Gina Cooper

Fire Fall Down—Hillsong

And here’s a bonus, that covers most of these:

Gracious Tempest–Taya Smith-Hillsong

I invite you to worship with me. Plug in your favorite playlist and let music draw you, encourage you, comfort you, bless you, challenge you—whatever your heart needs today.

What about you? What is one of your favorite worship hymns?

C2016 Judy Douglass


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3 Responses to Seven Ways I Worship—and Music I Love

  1. Charlotte Rorech

    Great article Judy. Thank you. I am just like you in regards to worshiping the Lord with Christian music. I have soooo many favorite songs that I sing throughout the day: Such as: almost every song by 3rd Day and Casting Crowns, “Sing Sing Sing” by Chris Tomlin, “Give You Glory” by Jeremy Camp, “I Wanna Sing” and also “Sometimes He Calms the Storm” by Scott Kripayne, “Blessings” and also “Grace” by Laura Story, Danny Goeke’s new song and also Battacheli’s (sp?) new song; both on the radio many times a day. You also can’t beat Mercy Me and all of their songs. “My Savior My God” by Aaron Shust (I love it);”Bart Millard made two Cd’s “Hymned and “Hymned Again.” He redid all the old hymns in Louisiana style; very fun and upbeat. “Precious Memories” (Hymns) by Alan Jackson is also fabulous. Chris Rice has several gorgeous songs, such as “Untitled Hymn” which is also called “Come to Jesus.” Enjoy my list as I did yours. Keep on singing. Love, Charlotte

  2. JudyDouglass

    Love this, Charlotte! Thanks for all these!

  3. Adantsi Richard

    Great article, just shared it with our Nigerian staff and SLM alumni.


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