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My Heroes

Micheline Ivory Coast

You know the story:  You go to visit someone to encourage them, but you come away even more encouraged yourself.

It happens to me every time I visit staff around the world.  I go to listen and to talk and to speak:  all to encourage them as they continue in their love and good works in the name of Jesus.  Every time I am in awe that God lets me see such faith and faithfulness.

I just returned from Francophone Africa.  What a joy to hear them talking about going to very difficult places to share the love of Jesus.  A few of them got caught in recent civil war and had to leave everything behind and walk quietly away—to the country next door.

Definitely my heroes.

In Thailand recent flooding took homes, cars, possessions of many staff.  Their response?  Prepare and package food, then head out in boats to provide for others who were still living in flood conditions.  Rescue  stranded families.  Help move furniture to upper floors.

Pacharian Thailand


Earthquakes, famines, persecution, illness, threats, deprivation, imprisonment, cold hearts—around the world our staff keep on keeping on to introduce as many as possible to our wonderful Savior.

Of course, they share wonderful stories of needs met, lives changed, families restored.  God blesses and provides.  They serve faithfully when the fruit is abundant and when it seems scarce.  I never get over that I get to serve with such courageous women.

Meet some more of my heroes, representing many more:

Suan Lee

Who are your heroes?

c2011 Judy Douglass

Helping the Helpers in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country, graced by truly beautiful people.  The folded hands and bow in greeting is such a gracious hello.  The country moves from mountains in the north to miles of rice paddies to teeming Bangkok to inviting beaches in the south.

In the past few weeks, more than one-third of this nation has been underwater.  It is a tragedy of epic proportions.

I am currently in a Bangkok hotel on higher ground.  But the flood waters are expected to reach here shortly after I leave.

Our Thai staff have been greatly affected.  At least five staff homes and seven staff cars are under water.  They have lost appliances, furniture, computers, personal belongings—with no insurance.  The water may remain as long as a month, making restoration of homes a challenge.

But here’s the amazing thing:  Most of the Thai staff are spending their time helping others.  Some boats have been donated, allowing them to provide rescue, to deliver food and supplies, to help reunite families, to move furniture to upper floors, to provide shelter…

Watch this video below to see a glimpse of the devastation.  Let God touch your heart.  Be praying for our staff, for the Thai people, for this nation.  And ask if you should make a gift to help the helpers.

Please take a minute to share your thoughts or to write a prayer for the Thai people.

For more information go to Help for the Helpers in Thailand.

c 2011 Judy Douglass